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TitleThe supports for local governments used the walking survey
Alternative title歩行サーベイ等を利用した市町村支援活動について
AuthorTerunuma, Hirotaka(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorTanaka, Kiwamu(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorKabumoto, Hiroshi(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorHaginoya, Masashi(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorSano, Naruto(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorTakahashi, Masatomi(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorHoshino, Masato(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorAoki, Isao(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorAsazuma, Shinichiro(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Issued date2016-03-28
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy4-3-2-3 Population dose monitoring
Taxonomy4-4-3-3 Conditions to be met
Taxonomy4-3-2-4 Radiation survey of environment
Subject/Session_nameSession: Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident: Environmental Radiation and Radiation Dose 3
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Meeting title2016 Annual Meeting of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan
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collect date(WARP)2017-05-18