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TitleHigh-speed ion exchange recovery of Cs from soil fraction with metal ion-containing subcritical water and highly volume reduced vitrification 3 - Cs vitrification by selective recovery of Cs from subcritical water
Alternative title金属イオン含有亜臨界水による土壌分級物からのCsの高速イオン交換回収と高減容ガラス固化 3 - 亜臨界処理水からのCs選択回収によるCsガラス固化
AuthorInaba, Yusuke(Tokyo Inst. of Technology)
AuthorHarigai, Miki(Tokyo Inst. of Technology)
AuthorTakahashi, Hideharu(Tokyo Inst. of Technology)
AuthorUtsumi, Kazuo(Tokyo Inst. of Technology)
AuthorTakeshita, Kenji(Tokyo Inst. of Technology)
AuthorHoriuchi, Nobutake(Mitsubishi Materials Corp.)
AuthorChikazawa, Takahiro(Mitsubishi Materials Corp.)
AuthorMunezawa, Junichi(Envirotec Kaihatsu)
Issued date2017-07-20
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Taxonomy5-2-1 Methods for solid
Taxonomy6-1-4 R&D in environmental protection and restoration
Subject/Session_nameSession:Volume Reduction Technology(4)
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Meeting titleThe 6th Workshop of Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment
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collect date(WARP)2017-09-23