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TitleTechnology development to evaluate dose rate distribution and to search for fuel debris submerged in water for decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station 3 - Verification of the performance of the debris survey by multibeam profiling sonar using imitation debris
Alternative title福島第一原子力発電所廃炉のためのプラント内線量率分布評価と水中デブリ探査に係る技術開発 3 - ソナーによる水中デブリ探査技術の開発のための模擬燃料デブリ製作と性能試験
AuthorSawada, Ken-ichi(National Maritime Research Inst.)
AuthorKim, Kangsoo(National Maritime Research Inst.)
AuthorYokota, Saori(National Maritime Research Inst.)
AuthorKato, Michio(National Maritime Research Inst.)
AuthorNishimura, Kazuya(National Maritime Research Inst.)
AuthorOdano, Naoteru(Senboku City)
AuthorKatakura, Jun-ichi(Nagaoka Univ. of Technology)
Issued date2016-09-08
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy5-1-3 Reactor processes modelling
Taxonomy5-5-2 Damaged fuel decommissioning programme
Taxonomy5-1-1-2 Thermodynamic survey/monitoring
Subject/Session_nameSession:Study for Reactor dismantling including application for Fukushima 2
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Meeting title2016 Fall Annual Meeting of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan
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