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TitleMeasurement of Sr-90 in the teeth and bone of cattle suffered from Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant accident
Alternative title福島第ー原発事故被災ウシの歯と骨に含まれるSr-9Oの測定
AuthorNishiyama, Junpei(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorKoarai, Kazuma(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorKino, Yasushi(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorShimizu, Yoshinaka(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorTakahashi, Atsushi(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorSuzuki, Toshihiko(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorChiba, Mirei(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorOsaka, Ken(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorSasaki, Keiichi(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorFukuda, Tomokazu(Iwate Univ.)
AuthorIsogai, Emiko(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorOka, Toshitaka(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorSekine, Tsutomu(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorFukumoto, Manabu(Tohoku Univ.)
AuthorShinoda, Hisashi(Tohoku Univ.)
Issued date2016-03-09
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy6-1-1-3 Radioactivity fallout/deposition
Taxonomy6-1-2-1 Impact on fauna
Taxonomy6-1-4-1 Tools for accident consequences analysis
Taxonomy(Computer Assigned)6-1-1 Radioactivity releases to environment   6-1-2 Impact on environment   6-1-4 R&D in environmental protection and restoration   
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Meeting title17th Workshop on Environmental Radioactivity
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