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TitleThe Cases of γ ray detection estimated from radioisotope-administered patient
Alternative title放射性医薬品投与患者からと推定されるγ線検出事例
AuthorMiseki, Norihisa(Tokyo Metropolitan Inst. of Public Health)
AuthorFujie, Satoko(Tokyo Metropolitan Inst. of Public Health)
AuthorKonishi, Hiroyuki(Tokyo Metropolitan Inst. of Public Health)
AuthorMoriyasu, Takako(Tokyo Metropolitan Inst. of Public Health)
Issued date2019-07-04
Pagep. 145
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy4-3-2-4 Radiation survey of environment
Taxonomy5-6-4 Hygienic standards
Taxonomy4-1-2-1 Generic criteria and reference level
Taxonomy(Computer Assined)4-3-2 Off-site monitoring   5-6 Long term programme development   4-1-2 Protection strategy   
Subject/Session_nameSession:Poster Session
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Meeting title56th Annual Meeting on Radioisotope and Radiation Research
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collect date(WARP)2019-12-22