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TitleDevelopment of the monitor for radionuclides in water using unfolding technique
Alternative titleアンフォールディング手法を用いた水モニタの開発
AuthorTanaka, Ryuki(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
AuthorNishizawa, Hiroshi(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
AuthorHayashi, Masateru(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
AuthorAzuma, Tetsushi(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
AuthorSasano, Makoto(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
AuthorKikuchi, Yuto(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
AuthorNakanishi, Masakazu(Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)
Issued date2019-07-04
Pagep. 158
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy4-3-2-2 Radiation survey methodology
Taxonomy6-1-3 Impact on food
Taxonomy6-1-4-1 Tools for accident consequences analysis
Taxonomy(Computer Assined)4-3-2 Off-site monitoring   6-1 Consequences for environment   6-1-4 R&D in environmental protection and restoration   
Subject/Session_nameSession:Poster Session
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Meeting title56th Annual Meeting on Radioisotope and Radiation Research
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collect date(WARP)2019-12-22