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TitleReport on the second meeting of the "Study group on the strategies for development of technologies for final disposal outside the prefecture" of the Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in the Environment - Technically rational scenario and social consensus formation for the realization of final disposal
Alternative title環境放射能除染学会「県外最終技術開発戦略の在り方研究会」第二回成果報告 - 最終処分実現に向けた技術合理性のあるシナリオと社会合意形成
AuthorOsako, Masahiro(National Inst. for Environmental Studies)
AuthorEndo, Kazuto(National Inst. for Environmental Studies)
AuthorYamada, Kazuo(National Inst. for Environmental Studies)
AuthorArima, Kenichi(National Inst. for Environmental Studies)
AuthorManpuku, Yuzo(National Agriculture and Food Research Organization)
AuthorYasutaka, Tetsuo(National Inst. of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
AuthorOkoshi, Minoru(Japan Radioisotope Association)
AuthorMiyamoto, Yasuaki(Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorSugiyama, Daisuke(Central Research Inst. of Electric Power Industry)
Issued date2020-09-04
File FormatPDF
Taxonomy6-2-3-1 Solids
Taxonomy6-4-9 Public communication
Taxonomy(Computer Assined)6-2-3 Waste management   6-4 Social and economic consequences   
Subject/Session_nameSession:Planning Session
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Meeting titleThe 9th Workshop of Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment
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