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TitleA Reliable hybrid adsorbent for efficient radioactive cesium accumulation from contaminated wastewater
Alternative title信頼性の高いハイブリッド吸着剤による汚染排水からの放射性セシウム回収
PublisherNature Publishing Group
AuthorAwual, M. R.
AuthorYaita, Tsuyoshi
AuthorMiyazaki, Yuji
AuthorMatsumura, Daiju
AuthorShiwaku, Hideaki
AuthorTaguchi, Tomitsugu
Issued date2016-01
DescriptionA novel macrocyclic ligand of o-benzo-p-xylyl-22-crown-6-ether (OBPX22C6) was developed and successfully immobilized onto mesoporous silica for the preparation of hybrid adsorbent. The benzene ring pi electron is the part of crown ether of OBPX22C6 for easy orientation of the macrocyclic compound for making the pi electron donation with Cs complexation. The results clarified that the Cs removal process was rapid and reached saturation within a short time. Considering the effect of competitive ions, sodium did not markedly affect the Cs adsorption whereas potassium was slightly affected due to the similar ionic radii. Due to its high selectivity and reusability, significant volume reduction is expected as this promising hybrid adsorbent is used for Cs removal in Fukushima wastewater.
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