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TitleEvaluation of fission product and actinide release behavior during BWR severe accident focusing on the chemical forms; 2013 annual report
Alternative titleBWRシビアアクシデント時のソースターム評価手法高度化のための核分裂生成物化学形評価に関する研究; 平成25年度成果
AuthorFukushima Project Team, Oarai Research and Development Center
AuthorFukushima Fuels and Materials Department, Oarai Research and Development Center
AuthorOarai Research and Development Center, Technology Development Department
Issued date2014-07
DescriptionWe have launched a new research program since 2011 for the evaluation of fission product and actinide release behaviour under the severe accident. Chemical forms of fission products were focused on for more accurate evaluation of source term issues. This report describes the progresses and achievements of the research program in 2013. In order to clarify the Cs and I chemistry in the BWR system during the severe accident which include moderator material B4C, the three research items were configurated: the fission product release kinetics evaluation, the fission product chemical form evaluation and fundamental data acquisition. Basic knowledge on the chemistry of B4C and CsI have been obtained by using non-radioactive samples.
Description著者所属: 日本原子力研究開発機構(JAEA)
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