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TitleStudy of the effect of suppressing transition of radioactive material to crops and the mechanism by soil improvement using effective microorganism (EM)
Alternative title有用微生物群(EM)を用いた土壌改良による放射性物質の農作物への移行抑制効果及び機序の検討
AuthorShintani, Masaki
AuthorOkumoto, Shuichi
AuthorNishibuchi, Yasushi (EM Research Organization, Inc.)
AuthorNikitin, Aleksander
AuthorShamal, Natalia
AuthorKlementieva, Ekaterina
AuthorDvornik, Aleksandr (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Inst. of Radiobiology)
AuthorHiga, Teruo (Meio Univ., International EM Research Center)
Issued date2013-06-05
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy6-2-1 Decontamination
Taxonomy6-2-2-1 Physical measures
Subject/Session_nameSession:P3. Ploblems of Forests and Agricultural Lands
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Meeting titleThe 2nd Workshop of Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment
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