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TitleConceptual study of dry approach for fuel debris retrieval 2 - details of retrieval method
Alternative title燃料デブリの乾式取出し工法の概念検討 2 - 取出し工法の詳細
AuthorYasui, Hiroaki(Areva Atox D&D Solutions Co., Ltd.)
AuthorNiimi, Motoji(Areva Atox D&D Solutions Co., Ltd.)
AuthorManeglia, Francois(Areva Atox D&D Solutions Co., Ltd.)
AuthorIshiyama, Hiroki(Areva Atox D&D Solutions Co., Ltd.)
AuthorNakamura, Naoya(Areva Atox D&D Solutions Co., Ltd.)
AuthorCheroux, Laurent(Areva)
AuthorGiraud, Maurice(Areva)
AuthorKikkawa, Yasushi(ATOX Co., Ltd.)
AuthorEndo, Misao(ATOX Co., Ltd.)
AuthorKamata, Soichi(ATOX Co., Ltd.)
Issued date2015-09-09
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy5-5-2 Damaged fuel decommissioning programme
Subject/Session_nameSession:Decommissioning Technology of Nuclear Facilities, Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, fuel debris, REMOTE HANDLING, RADIOACTIVE WASTE PROCESSING
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Meeting title2015 Fall Annual Meeting of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan
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