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TitleFukushima-derived 14C, 129I and 137Cs in local environments
Alternative title局所的な環境における福島由来の14C、129I、137Cs
AuthorXu, Sheng(Scottish Univ., Enviornmental Research Center)(Fukushima Univ.)
AuthorCook, Gordon(Scottish Univ., Enviornmental Research Center)
AuthorCresswell, Alan(Scottish Univ., Enviornmental Research Center)(Fukushima Univ.)
AuthorFreeman, Stewart(Scottish Univ., Enviornmental Research Center)
AuthorHou, Xiaolin(Technical Univ. of Denmark)
AuthorSanderson, David(Scottish Univ., Enviornmental Research Center)
AuthorShibata, Yasuyuki(National Inst. forEnvironmental Studies)
AuthorWatanabe, Akira(Fukushima Univ.)
AuthorYamaguchi, Katsuhiko(Fukushima Univ.)
AuthorZhang, Luyuan(Technical Univ. of Denmark)
Issued date2015-07-08
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy4-3-2-4 Radiation survey of environment
Taxonomy6-1-1-4 Environment contamination
Taxonomy(Computer Assigned)4-3-2 Off-site monitoring   6-1-1 Radioactivity releases to environment   
Subject/Session_nameSession:Measurement Technology
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Meeting title4th Workshop of Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment
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collect date(WARP)2015-12-28