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Top page-Contents

  • Contents enables you to search Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive by clicking contents image.
  • Contents type is below
    • Photo: Photo files of “jpeg etc.”, or webpages files in which photos or images are dominant
    • Movie: Video/movie files downloadable in “wmv, zip etc” formats, or webpages, files in which video/movie is dominant
    • Data: Data not machine-readable, e.g., pdf format, including drawings of graphs, of images on maps etc.
    • Dataset: Data/information encoded machine-readably according with defined data structure. E.g., lists, tables
    • Manual: Manuals, procedures, related material
    • Report: Reports summarized in regular formats, e.g., accident investigation reports
    • Progress Report: Reports on situations, consequences of accidents, including its progression
    • Minutes: Material summarizing contents (agenda/proceedings) of meetings for discussion, on research etc.
    • Conference :Meeting material of committees etc. other than the others
    • Event: Webpages, files informing of holding meetings etc.
    • Presentation: Presentation material appeared at meetings etc.
    • Proceedings: Information on oral/poster presentations at meetings of scientific societies
    • Schedule: Plans to implement decontamination, decommissioning, etc., to investigate monitoring etc.
    • Announcement: Articles for the public
    • Regulatory guide: Literature of regulation guidelines, including law material
    • Hearing: Hearing consequences from utilities, experts etc.
    • Bibliography: Bibliographic reference list
    • Database, etc: Resources likely to require additional interactions, e.g., users’ own processing/performing
    • Others

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    Hot Topic

    hot topic

    • Hot topic enables you to search Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive (FNAA) by clicking the key-words that is appeared at the Top Page.
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    • Cross-search enables you to search Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive (FNAA) and other databases.
    • A cross-search is performed for FNAA and chosen data-base(s) by clicking check box in front of the database name.
    • When you release all chosen databases (by clicking “Release all” button), you only search FNAA.
    • Up to 10 titles of the search results are listed below each-data base name You can see the detailed information by clicking each title.
    • You can see all search results by clicking database name

    Cross-Search Refine

    • When you conduct Cross-Search, “Refine Results” button will be appeared in Cross-Search Search Result page.
    • You can refine Cross-Search results by specifying search tyepe and input search term. By clicking “Search” button, you can limit search results.
    • By clicking “Clear” button, you can clear seach conditions ever entered.
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    Simple search(FNAA)

    Simple search(FNAA)

    • When a crossing search space isn't indicated, a simple search space is shown to the screen upper part.
    • When search word is input to entry field, you search for Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive(FNAA).

    Advanced Search(FNAA)

    Advanced Search(FNAA)

      You can conduct a more precise search with advanced search mode by combining search conditions.
      • "Subject (Taxonomy)":You can specify taxonomy by selecting a taxonomy from the list.
      • "Registration period": You can specify range of registration period.
      • "Type of data": You can specify a tyep of data such as photo, movie, data, etc from the list.
      • "Number of displays": You can designate the number of research results to be dispayed per page
      • "The order of display": You can designate a order of display by several fields such as Title, Main taxonomy, Issue date, etc.
      • "Search type": You can limit your search to specific field.
      • Boolean search: You can combine search conditions by using operators such as AND, OR, NOT to limit the search results.
      • "Partial match retrieval": “Exact phrase retrieval”, “Prefix retrieval” and “Suffix retrieval” are available.
    • Range queries are available for “Issued data” and “collect date (WARP)”. You chan specify range by the form of "YYYY/MM/DD" "YYYY/MM" "YYYY".
    • Clear button enables you to clear search conditions ever entered. By clicking “Clear” button, deafult search conditions will be displayed.
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    Data details(FNAA)

    Data details(FNAA)

    • When viewing the contents of data, please click LINK or icon of WARP etc.
    • If you would quote or link this metadata, please use “URI”.
    • When Creator/Author is clicked, data with Creator/Author concerned is searched for.
    • When "File Format" is clicked, data with the same "File Format".
    • When Taxonomy is clicked, data with the same taxonomy (classification) is searched for.
    • When "Upper page title/Meeting title" is clicked, data which has the same "Upper page title/Meeting title" is searched for.
    • All data kept in this archive is protected by the copyright.
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