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About FNAA
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About FNAA


  • Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident (“Fukushima Accident”) occurred on March 11th, 2011.
    • caused by Great East Japan Earthquake and huge tsunamis
    • Level 7 event classification by the INES(INES Users Manual)
  • Soon after the accident, the Japanese government, research institutions, TEPCO, etc. disseminate a variety of information from their own websites
    • report press release (progress report,
    • photos, movies, raw data (radiation monitoring data, plant parameters, etc)

About FNAA

  • JAEA focused on investing efforts toward the recovery from the accident.
  • In order to collect and preserve comprehensive information regarding to the Fukushima Accident and to utilize in anytime afterward, we started to develop “Fukushima Nuclear Accident Archive (FNAA)”
  • FNAA provide essential information about the accident via the Internet to support the scientific research and development activities.

Introduction Movie

Characteristics of FNAA

Issues of the providing the Internet information related Fukushima Accident

  • Lost of link, Disappear of Website, Change of Internet Address
  • Copyright : Permission of the publisher is required to download and transmit Internet Information

To resolve such issues,we’ve extracted Internet information related to the Fukushima Accident from National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) WARP and created their metadata. Access to the internet information has been ever ensured by putting link information (URL of appropriate information in WARP) into the metadata.

Web Archiving Project (WARP) ( NDL has started WARP since 2010. In this project, NDL collects information in the form of website of the following: the government, the Diet, the courts, local governments, independent administrative organizations and universities.

Apply IAEA Taxonomy for classification

  • IAEA has developed taxonomy for major nuclear accidents
  • Assign more than one of IAEA taxonomy to each metadata to organize the collected information systematically

Provide the reference information via the Internet

FNAA provides useful bibliographies and reports related to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station accident.

Classification of FNAA

All Information in FNAA is classified by using the IAEA Nuclear Accident Taxonomy. The taxonomy is hierarchically structured and here is the six taxonomy whichi is in the highest level.

Please see the IAEA technical Report "Nuclear Accident Knowledge Taxonomy" for the details.

title description
1 LEGAL & GOVERNING FRAMEWORK This topic contains terms related to the overall nuclear governing and regulatory system of a place (country, region) where the accident happened. It includes conventions, laws, regulations, governing structures, instructions applied for normal operation and emergency. The documents and explanations in this topic could help to analyze and understand root causes of an accident which are hidden in the system or boundary conditions, the accidental nuclear facility had to operate in.
2 NUCLEAR INSTALLATION STATUS (NIS) This topic contains knowledge topics on the design of nuclear installations which suffered nuclear accidents, as well as knowledge topics which help to find information on the site conditions and the most relevant information on the operational routines and situation in the operating organization.
3 ACCIDENT MANAGEMENT The section collects information (knowledge) related to the set of actions during the evolution of a given accident:(1)to prevent the escalation of the event into a severe accident;(2)To mitigate the consequences of a severe accident; (3)To achieve a long term safe stable state.
4 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS & RESPONSE The session focuses primarily on the response arrangements in case of an emergency, involving fuel damage in the core, spent fuel pools, etc. and indicates how one can be prepared for such an event or what was the level of preparedness of a nuclear installation where an even happened. Unlike session 3, session 4 deals with the emergency situation, not with the mitigation of the accident itself.
5 SCIENTIFIC & TECHNICAL SUPPORT The topic presents information on the scientific & technical support provided typically by R&D or technical support organizations to different stakeholders involved in the nuclear accident management, emergency response and in suppression and liquidation of accident consequences.
6 ACCIDENT CONSIQUENCES (AC) The topic focuses on direct and indirect consequences of a nuclear accident (event). It includes both consequences and measures to mitigate them. It includes effects on peoples’ health, environment, as well as social and economic impacts.

Contents of FNAA

Information from the Internet

The metadata of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident has been made by collecting information of the websites, which were preserved under the Web Archiving Project (WARP*), National Diet Library, Japan.

creator contents
Japan Atomic Energy Agency Information of environment restoration, decontamination, miradioation monitoring, decommissioning
METI Damage information by eathquakes (Japanese seismic scales, plant parameters, plant statuss, onsite monitoring, etc), handouts of Press conferences etc.
MEXT Offsite monitoring information
Ministry of the Environment Environment restoration inforamtion
Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency Minutes of Nuclear Regulation Authority, On-site radiological monitoring etc.
Nuclear Regulation Authority Minutes of Nuclear Regulation Authority, On-site radiological monitoring etc.
TEPCO Photos (damage status, accident responses etc), Press release (earthquake influences on plants), handouts of Press release (plant status (feedwater injection, reactor inside), radioation monitoring etc), plant data regarding earthquakes (charts, alarm records, reactor operation notes, transient records, etc)
NAIIC National Diet of Japan Fukuishima nuclear accident independent investigation commission.Report of NAIIC, references, minutes

Oral Presentation (including Poster Session)

Metadata below has been made by collecting the bibliographic information of oral presentation information relating to the Fukushiama Daiichi Nuclear Power Station accident presented at meetings, proceedings etc of responsible societies in Japan, and will be updated step by step.
In cooperate with the Japan Radioisotope Association, fulltext of the Proceedings of 52nd Annual Meeting on Radioisotopes in the physical Sciences and Industries are uploaded in FNAA.

creator contents
The Atomic Energy Society of Japan

Proceedings of Annual and Fall Meetings of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan

The Japan Health Physics Society

Proceedings of the Japan Health Physics Society

The Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment

Proceedings of Workshop of Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment
【Data of The Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment】 Archive data of the Society for Remediation of Radioactive Contamination in Environment are of the proceedings of the Society, which got no peer review and is available in Japanese. The English information of the proceedings was provided by Intellectual Resources Management and R & D Collaboration Department, JAEA.

The Japan Radioisotope Association Proceedings of Annual Meeting on Radioisotopes in the physical Sciences and Industries