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TitleDevelopment of the neutron resonance densitometry using a pulsed neutron source (5) - influence of neutron pulse width and flight distance on the performance of the neutron resonance densitometry
Alternative titleパルス中性子源を利用した中性子共鳴濃度分析法の開発 (5) - 中性子共鳴透過分析システムの性能に対するパルス幅及び飛行距離の影響評価
AuthorTakamine, Jun (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorHarada, Hideo (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorKoizumi, Mitsuo (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorKitatani, Fumito (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorKureta, Masatoshi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorTsuchiya, Harufumi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorIimura, Hideki (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
AuthorKimura, Atsushi (Japan Atomic Energy Agency)
Issued date2014-03-26
File FormatTEXT
Taxonomy5-1-2 Fuel condition diagnostics
Taxonomy(Computer Assigned)5-1 Accident phenomena and progression   
Subject/Session_nameSession:General Issues
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Meeting title2014 Annual Meeting of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan
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